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The Goldilocks Principle.

The Goldilocks Principle is the cognitive effect that people, when confronted with similar choices, tend to gravitate towards the more moderate option.

You’ve read the story! You know what’s up! I’ve found myself referring to Blossom & Bloom as my Goldilocks program.

In working with a city run program I found myself in a teaching situation with little to no oversight or support. Students were a dime a dozen and losing one participant was no big deal because they could get another one strolling in the next week. I’ve worked in a privately owned but equally large studio and when I left I felt similarly to how I felt when I worked with the city program. It was so big I couldn’t give the students the same attention I wanted to. Of course, good training is absolutely possible in these situations and both programs have merit. They were just a bit too big…

On the opposite end, I’ve worked with very small programs and they have their own pros & cons, too! *shout out to my Rory Gilmore lovin’ folks who still make pros & cons list*

Small studios tend to either be afraid of growth because it’s a risk or they are simply content being small and supplement studio rent with another job. It can be hard as an “outsider” coming into the small studio environment because instead of the metaphorical “dance family” you are literally dealing with a family who has done things the same way since their mom taught, and she teaches how her mom taught, etc… The environment can get stale and leave you wanting more. These places can be just a bit too small…

My goal is for Blossom & Bloom to be juuuuuust right! You get the familial vibe with the opportunities of a large scale program, all while keeping the personal connection instead of being lost in the crowd. At Blossom & Bloom, we’re keeping it simple, fun, effective, and affordable! Not too big, not too small, juuuust right!


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