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Attempting to find balance with Blossom & Bloom, life, and my day jobs.

When I teach children’s classes I am hyper focused on making sure EVERY.SINGLE.STUDENT. feels seen, heard, appreciated, and loved. It can be draining but my emotional gas tank is refilled every time a child feels comfortable enough to give me a hug, wants to tell me about their day, draws a picture for me, or simply participates!

With that in mind I’ve realized I can’t make my creative ventures my sole focus. My brain and my body simply will not allow it. Blossom & Bloom is my heart & soul and I am safeguarding it to avoid burnout. Thankfully I’ve created a place in life right now where I can have day jobs and still enjoy them, too. The other supplementary jobs I keep help support the goal of continued B&B joy and I am grateful for them. They may change in the future but I’ll let you in on what they are because people tend to get a kick out of it: I work at Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland and I also work as a Funeral Service Co-Director at Greenwood Mortuary. Yep.

Whatever comes next with Blossom & Bloom, I hope it’s fun! As Lina Lamont would say, “If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain't been in vain for nothin’.” Totally kidding. I just love that quote from Singin’ In The Rain. But really, I hope Blossom & Bloom is known as a place for joy. Whether it comes from movement in a dance class or creating something in one of the workshops!


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