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Flowers! So many flowers!

At the referral of a friend I was hired to work for a local plant boutique that also specialized in event florals. Again, I was given the opportunity to learn a skill I’ve always admired: Floral Design. I was being given on the job training in a medium I adore! My little Bev heart felt like it could burst!

Floral design for weddings and events is hard, dirty work. You think you’ll come home smelling of fresh cut roses and eucalyptus…no. You’ll come home smelling like Hoary Stock water, moldy leaves, and a nose full of floral foam. (p.s. Ask your florist if they can use foam free designs - it’s better for the environment). When you see the finished product it’s absolutely amazing and worth every moment.

I learned skills and techniques on the job that people pay a great amount of money to be taught. I am incredibly grateful for that. Many times the learning was trial by fire. I had to work under a fight or flight mentality on a regular basis. Surprisingly, at least surprising to me, working with florals forced me to build a tougher skin than I thought I’d need. Working to meet someone's artistic designs and working in oddball scenarios while being watched by tourists in La Jolla takes a thicker skin than I was prepared for.

Have you ever had to stop a bunny & squirrel from eating your floral installation while simultaneously being harassed by people wanting to use the space for their picnic even though a wedding is clearly about to start and another person wants to ask about wedding prices while the arch starts to fall because the wind has picked up and there aren’t stakes or sandbags holding it down yet? I have. It all works out if you concede to the squirrel/bunny gods and offer them a small, non-toxic, offering tossed 40 ft away.

I am by no means a floral designer. It’s a skill I admire in others and have great respect for. That job helped me realize that I do not want to rely on floral design to support myself. Creating floral crowns for kids' birthday parties? Definitely. Teaching small workshops to kids & adults? Love it. Make a garland for the family holidays? Yes, yes, yes.

With the small set of skills I’ve learned I’m taking the little itty bitty parts that I know I can do and translating them into workshops! I do not call myself a floral designer. I’m just a gal who loves flowers and knows a couple things.


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