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Why private lessons?

A private dance lesson can serve many purposes. Here’s a brief list of a few reasons you may want to schedule a private lesson!


Missed a few classes? Need to catch up?

Sometimes missing class can’t be avoided. You get sick, go on a vacation, or have to be out of town unexpectedly. When you miss more than one class, you miss the learning that took place at that class. Missing one class doesn’t necessarily warrant a private lesson, but missing one class at a crucial time, like right before a performance, might.  Many last minute changes happen with group choreography before a performance as we start the “cleaning” process of a piece.


Extra Help.

If a dancer is having challenges with certain moves or techniques, a private lesson, focusing on one or two pieces of technique, can make all the difference for learning. Much of dance is about self-confidence. If the dancer isn’t confident, they may not try and will fall even more behind the rest of the class. Identifying these situations is what dance class instructors can do and along with the parents, choose the right time and place to discuss having a private lesson to build confidence and get the dance student on track!

Get performance ready!

Confidence is key when performing! Having a private lesson will ensure that your dancer knows the dance well enough to enjoy the performance experience and not stress so much. Dancers who aren’t ready for recitals may end up dropping out of dance altogether to avoid that feeling in the future. Performance anxiety is normal and typically one or two private lessons is all it takes to get that extra boost of confidence. We can help with performances through B&B, at school, talent shows, etc. It doesn't have to be our choreography in order for us to help!


School Performances & Talent Shows!

We offer private lessons to help “clean” dances students may have learned in school for drama performances or talent shows. B&B also offers choreography if the dancer wants to have a B&B instructor create a piece for them. The price of choreography is not included in the private lesson.

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